What is JAN SAHAYA? –

JAN SAHAYA OSP’S are conceptualized as ICT enabled, front end service delivery points for delivery of  Social and Private Sector services in the areas of agriculture, health, education, entertainment, FMCG products, banking and financial services, utility payments, etc.

How JAN SAHAYA works? –

JAN SAHAYA OSP  is a Special Purpose Vehicle (JAN SAHAYA OSP) and is connecting local population with the  departments, banks, and insurance companies and with various service providers in private sector using IT-Enabled network of citizen service points.

Who is an OSP? –

OSP is Village Level Entrepreneur who delivers various banking and non-government services to the end consumers from the JAN SAHAYA outlet (mostly owned

What are the minimum requirements to become a OSP? 

  1.  Should have a valid Aadhaar number.
  2. The OSP should be a village youth above 18 years of age.
  3. The OSP must have passed the 10th level examination from a recognized board as minimum level of educational qualification.
  4. The OSP should be fluent in reading and writing the local dialect and should also have basic level knowledge of English language.
  5. Prior knowledge in basic computer skills would be a preferred advantage.
  6. The OSP should be motivated enough to be a prime driver of social change and disperse his/her duties with utmost dedication and honesty.

Is there any fee for registration? –

Yes, there is a fee for registration as an OSP.


JAN SAHAYA Centre would be the place from where the OSP would operate his activities and serve the users.

What are the benefits of Registration? 

Registration helps the users to be on-boarded on the JAN SAHAYA Web Portal post a quality check.

What are the documents that I need to upload while doing the registration to become OSP? 

  1. Photo
  2. Aadhaar copy
  3. PAN card copy
  4. Shop Address Proof

What all are the System requirements for registering on JAN SAHAYA? 

  1. At least 120 GB Hard Disc Drive.
  2. At least 512 MB RAM.
  3. CD/DVD Drive.
  4. UPS PC with Licensed Windows XP-SP2 or above operating system.
  5. With 4 hrs. battery backup/Portable Genset.
  6. Printer/ Color Printer.
  7.  Web cam/digital camera.
  8. Scanner.
  9. Internet connection with at least 128 kbps speed for browsing & data uploading over internet.

What would be my responsibilities as a OSP?

  1. Public place with safety and convenience.
  2.  Availability of Kiosk from 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM.
  3. To deliver the services smoothly to the users as available on JAN SAHAYA PORTAL

Do I need any training to become OSP? 

No. You don’t need any specific training to become an OSP. Meeting the minimum criteria as mentioned above is enough to become an OSP.

What if my application is rejected, can I apply again? 

Yes, you can apply again.

Whom to contact in case of queries? 

In case of any queries, you may contact the helpdesk team on the toll free number 7036550910 or email the query to info@jansahaya.com